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Results from BBC Sensation-Seeking Scale

Thrill and adventure seeking - you score 0 out of 10

This consists of items expressing desires to engage in sports or activities involving some physical danger or risk such as mountain climbing, parachute jumping, scuba diving, speeding in a car, etc.
Experience seeking - you score 6 out of 10

This descibes the desire to seek new experiences through the mind and senses by living in a nonconforming life style with unconventional friends, and through travel.
Disinhibition - you score 4 out of 10

This describes the need to disinhibit behaviour in the social sphere by drinking, partying and seeking variety in sexual partners.
Boredom susceptibility - you score 1 out of 10

This indicates an aversion for repetitive experience of any kind, routine work, or even dull or predictable people. Other items indicate a restless reaction when things are unchanging.

Your total sensation seeking score is 11 out of 40

Clearly, this is the old version of Zuckerman's scale, as it asks some fairly antiquated questions - some of you might struggle with answering the question about "the company of swingers," for instance.

It's a cool test, though - it correlates with lots of risk behaviors and, more personally interesting to me, it correlates with being on one side or the other of the "Oh my goodness why would you/wouldn't you do that??"

You can take it here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/science/humanbody/mind/surveys/sensation/

My results are as follows:

Sensation seeking is a personality trait expressed in behaviour as a tendency to seek varied, novel, complex and intense sensations and experiences and to take physical risks for the sake of having such experiences.

These experiences could take the form of extreme adventure activities such as skydiving, snowboarding and mountain climbing. But the trait can also express itself in high drug, alcohol or tobacco use.

Men generally score higher than women on the total score and on all the subscales except Experience Seeking. Sensation Seeking Scale scores increase during childhood, peak in the late teens or early twenties, and thereafter decrease steadily with age.

People with similar scores on the Sensation Seeking Scale also tend to be more romantically compatible with each other.

Divorced males score higher than single and married males, and divorced and single females score higher than married females.

Harry Potter Pole Dance

I think this is, ah, worth watching.


Today was a super-extra-sensitive kind of day. Evening, really - everything was peachy until the migraine hit. On Mondays and Tuesdays I do my clinical work in a room that used to be a storage closet. To help disguise this, I use a torchiere and a (pink) sea salt lamp to light it. It's very quiet inside, as one might expect, and the lighting is somewhat low - so when your first signs of a migraine are light and sound sensitivity... well, you can imagine how I didn't notice until it was really seriously on its way to awful. Usually I drug myself first.

At least this explains why focusing on my notes felt like pulling teeth today - sometimes I get distracted, but it's not usually this much of a struggle.

I'm counting on feeling better tomorrow.


So - I did this assignment for class and I didn't think it would be a big deal for me. I had to do a video role play with someone who isn't a client. I felt really anxious about being recorded - what if I looked stupid, said stupid stuff and then it was recorded for posterity and worse - presented to the class (which it will be)?

Watching it play back on the television afterward was really really uncomfortable - for maybe the first three minutes. After that, it was kind of fascinating. Like - I never realized I look that soft. And when I think I'm talking for a long time, I'm not talking for ALL THAT LONG and holy shit, do I always look that soft/gentle/approachable in those kinds of conversations? Really? Hunh.

It's definitely food for thought. I'm glad that we're being required to do this instead of another bleeding psychosocial. I kind of want to have a couple of videotaped real-live clinical sessions now, but that would probably get in the way of rapport in a big way.

I'm fascinated. By myself, I suppose, which feels weird, but I feel like it's a real chance to see what I'm like to interact with on the outside.

Larry, Moe and ...

I have a curly white (not blond, not grey, but white) hair growing out of my earlobe. It has company, unfortunately. A couple dark brown hairs on my chest, a few under my chin, one or maybe two on my neck. I am not a fan. Not. A. Fan.

Although, the white one is so ridiculously curly (it was rather long the first time I discovered it - these hairs seem to grow all of a sudden) and so thoroughly white that I find it almost charming.

I am considering giving it a name. Maybe Curly.

It was teh cutest evar and you missed it.

Honestly, everyone but me missed it. This is the nature of Sappho's sweetest moments of affection. She is her softest self in private, usually quite late or very early in the day.

I had been watching Battlestar in my comfy chair right next to the bed, while Sappho lounged on the corner of my comforter. Just a few minutes ago, Sappho rolled over near the edge of the bed and I rubbed her belly, which she seemed to not only tolerate but enjoy! So, she rolled over some more for full belly access, and I kept petting - and then she rolled over and almost fell off the side of the bed! She panicked a bit, but I caught her before she even fell to the ottoman below her. She realized what I was doing and I finished rolling her back up pretty gently. Once she had fully righted herself, she got up and gave my fingers kisses.

Like I said? Teh cutest. :)
You MUST try cauliflower this way, if you like it at all.

You will need:

A head of cauliflower
A couple tablespoons of butter (or substitute, if you must)
Several sloshes of olive or more neutral vegetable oil
Garam masala powder (homemade optional*)
Ras el hanout (what, you don't keep this on hand??*)
Salt If you're not already using kosher or sea salt, please make the switch - your tastebuds will thank you.

First preheat the oven for a ridiculously long time on the pretense that you will eventually cook something, with the patently obvious actual reason that it will warm up the house that is fucking freezing, since you keep the heat low when nobody is home/everybody is asleep, which means the house hasn't been warmer than 62 degrees for at least twelve hours.

Place a couple tablespoons butter and a hefty pinch of saffron threads in a wee glass or ceramic bowl near the oven's heat vent. Wait for it to melt and infuse. Add some garam masala to infuse for good measure (maybe half a teaspoon?)

Next attack the head of cauliflower (shocking, I know) - whatever color you like, although the purple will end up bizarrely yellowed if you employ it.

Clean and then chop said cauliflower into two-three bite pieces. Toss said pieces into a bowl as you chop, so that you don't run out of room on the cutting board, as you disassemble the brain-like vegetable.

Wander off, like you do, to the general unsurprise or possibly amusement of whomever else is around at the time. Don't worry, this is on purpose - those spices need to infuse, right?

Sometime between five and twenty minutes, come back, be careful with the hot/warm bowl as you pour its contents all over the cauliflower. Do not despair when considering the proportions at this time. Add ras el hanout. Add some sloshes of oil. Mix with your hands. Do this longer than you think necessary. Add ras el hanout, oil, mixing, and then a few pinches of salt until the cauliflower are coated in a thin layer of spice flecks, lightly gold-tinged oil, and some salt.

Lay out a large edged baking sheet or roasting pan. Cover with foil and grease with some more oil (or butter, I won't tell). Dump cauliflower out in as thin and even a layer as possible. Place in oven preheated to 425 degrees (Fahrenheit, obvs. Your oven can't go that high in Celsius).

Set a timer that often doesn't work at all for too long a time (say, 35 minutes) and go take a stupidly long shower. When you come out, notice that the cauliflower has just barely started to smell like the caramelizing has gone too far. Remove cauliflower from the oven and curse vociferously. Then leave the room while your housemate who loves the ugly vegetables best wanders up and waits for the cauliflower to cool. Ahem, am_i_square, ahem.

Look at her blissed-out face, reach for a slightly burned piece of cauliflower, and savor. Seriously some of the most delicious cauliflower I've had in a while - and the slightly burned, oily, salty bits were absolutely the best parts. Who knew?

*Homemade is possibly preferable, because then you can leave the turmeric out, like I did with Joy of Cooking's garam masala recipe years ago. I mixed the whole spices in the required proportions and now can grind it whenever I like. Store spices right (and whole) and they keep for damn near forever. Theoretically, I could add turmeric, but I'm not all that fond of it.

**Because I am a compulsive novelty-seeker with food and with spices especially, I purchased this one a while ago. It comes in a plastic bottle, not in a pile on a plate, but that's probably for the best.
This video, produced by the Civil Rights Division of the Justice Department, is a fabulous example of the genre continuing to emerge and develop. It's informative, moving, and a reminder for me that we are not alone - and by this "we," I mean the freaks, geeks, and queers who grew up and survived with a deep determination to make this world better for the next generation.

(click the link at the beginning of the post - this video can't be played off-site, so far as I can tell)

Thanksgiving Plans

So. I am spending Thanksgiving at home, with harperjean. Clearly, what this means is that I am intending to make a mildly adventurous alternative to my usual Thanksgiving fare - it's what any crazy food lover would do, left to her own stressed-out and burning-to-create devices, right?

So this is the plan as of ten minutes ago:

Saffron Jeweled Rice (also known as persian wedding rice - I am most nervous about this)

Purple Okinawan Sweet Potatoes with Cardamom, Honey and Coconut Milk (this has no recipe, this is in my brain)

Field Roast's Grain "Roast" with Homemade vegetable-based gravy

Possibly some Impossibly Soft Dinner Rolls or Challah Made into knots, since trying a new bread recipe on the day of an event, even if it's an event with one other person, is not so bright.

Green Vegetable of Mystery - likely Winter Kale with lemon zest, za'atar, and sesame seeds or Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Cumin and Something Else Nice

Whole Lemon Tart, made with a Meyer Lemon from my Very Own Lemon Tree (accented with cranberry, or cranberry-pomegranate sauce and whipped cream with vanilla-steeped bourbon)

I realize this would be an entire meal without orange squash or orange potatoes and on thanksgiving... but I think I'll live. What do you think??

Oct. 29th, 2010

OK. I need some help here.

Any good reasons I really shouldn't purchase these perfectly beautiful tea cups and saucers for about $30, including shipping?

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